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April 19, 2018

Texas Educators Vote Update

Register voters for the primary runoff election by the April 23rd deadline.
Get ready for the May 22nd
 primary runoff election.

There are only a few days left for eligible voters to register to vote in the May 22nd
 primary runoff elections. Anyone who voted in March should be registered, but it never hurts to 
double check and be sure you are good to go!

As citizens, we are most powerful on Election Day – if we vote. If you think about it, you have the MOST power in a low turnout Election. That time is upon us with the primary runoff elections. Last update, I gave you the pitiful statistics about voter turnout in Texas primary runoffs. Less than 4% of registered voters (3% of those of voting age) showed up to cast a vote in either party’s primary runoff in 2016. Turnout was slightly higher in 2014, when 7% of registered voters (5% of those of voting age) showed up to cast their vote in the primary runoff. If you want to exert your power and have a say in who governs the state, May 22nd
 is the day for you to flex your muscles! 

Please be sure that all staff, parents, and community members are registered to vote before Monday, April 23rd so they will be ready and able to vote in May. 

Here are the possible scenarios:
1You voted in the March 6th
 primary election.
• If you voted in the Republican primary in March, vote in the Republican primary runoff in May.
• If you voted in the Democratic primary in March, vote in the Democratic primary runoff in May. 
If you didn’t vote in the March primary, you can vote in either the Republican or the Democratic runoff in May. 
2You didn’t vote in the March primary.
• Make sure you are registered to vote.
• Vote in whichever primary runoff you choose - Democratic or Republican.
3Don’t get confused. Some of you may have local elections on May 5th
 AND statewide primary runoff elections on May 22nd

Resources to help you prepare for the primary runoff election:
1The non-partisan League of Women Voters of Texas has a great page with links to videos and other social media posts about voting. 
Texas PTA has developed a local advocacy toolkit to help you engage your community. They have valuable advice for organizing non-partisan candidate or issue forums leading up to an election. 

Voting in every election is how we exert our power and model civic engagement for students. As Abraham Lincoln said “The ballot is stronger than the bullet.” 

Thank you for working to create a culture of voting in your district. 


Laura Yeager
Texas Educators Vote




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