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WELCOME to The Texas Association of Community Schools (TACS) website.  TACS represents school districts with no more than one high school or 12,000 ADA.  This means that our membership comprises the small, mid-sized and rural school districts in Texas.  TACS represents more than 700 school districts.  TACS invites your school district to become a member and have a voice in legislation, take advantage of insurance benefits, attend regional conferences, and apply for scholarships.  TACS Corporate Partners and Associate Members are ready to do business with you.

TACS has posted an election update analysis presented at the ESC Region 11 superintendents' conference on Wednesday (11/05).  The power point presentation reviews the changes in the Texas Senate and House of Representatives, as well as suggestions for how local school districts and superintendents can work with their elected officials to benefit our public schools.

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 TACS Communiqué

TACS Construction Conference PowerPoints

3 - A Survey of Construction Delivery Methods - Powell & Leon, LLC

4 - Building Success Stories-A Survey of Construction Delivery Methods - Powell & Leon, LLC

6 - Effects of Deferred Maintenance - Trane

8 - Accountability as it Applies to Cooperatives - PMS

10 - Physical Security Technologies  Emerging Trends - Convergint 

TACS Conference HB 5, Dr. Pam Wells, Executive Director, ESC Region 4

TACS Annual Business Meeting Resolution
TACS Adopts Legislative Agenda

San Antonio Conference Presentations

Keys to Unlocking Capitol Doors Tips for School Officials
TAMSA - Implementation of HB5 and Further Progress
The 84th Legislature:  Preparing For The Opportunities…


TACS announces the results of its "Administrator Perception of TEA Survey Summer 2014"

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HB 5 Information

Why Join TACS?

The Texas Association of Community Schools is built on a commitment to our member schools and support of their interests. We are a strong and focused organization, but we need you. If you have not yet joined for 2014, consider the membership fee to be a small financial investment for a world of benefit to your school district.

Professional Liability Insurance
TACS continues to make Professional Liability Insurance available to its Individual and Professional Members at a very low cost. If your school district is a member of TACS you and each of your employees can become an Individual Member and receive $1 million coverage for $55.00* per year. If your school district is NOT a member of TACS, then the cost for Professional Membership is $85.00*. 

  Scholarship Opportunities Available 
  TACS Academic Challenge

TACS Mission
The mission of the Texas Association of Community Schools is to promote, support, and develop excellence in student achievement through the collaboration of member schools.



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