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Recently I was sent an article from a church newsletter. The message is certainly pertinent for churches, but, I think, it is relevant to other organizations, also. I will share it here:
" We are all saddened to learn this week of the death of one of our congregation's most valuable members, Someone Else. Someone's passing has created a vacancy that will be difficult to fill.  Else has been with us for many years, and for every one of those years Someone did far more than a normal person's share of the work.
Whenever leadership was mentioned, this wonderful person was looked to for inspiration as well as for results: Whenever there was a job to do, a class to teach, or a meeting to attend, one name seemed to be on everyone's lips...Someone Else! 'Let Someone Else do it,' was a too common refrain heard throughout our church.  It was common knowledge that Someone Else was among the largest givers in the church. When there was a financial need, everyone just assumed that Someone Else was going to make up the difference.
Someone Else was a wonderful person, sometimes appearing superhuman, but a person can only do so much.  Were the truth known, everyone expected too much of Someone Else. Now, sadly Someone Else is gone! We wonder what we are going to do. Someone Else left a wonderful example to follow, but who is going to follow it? Who is going to do the things that Someone Else did? Remember, we cannot depend on Someone Else anymore."
This is a pretty gentle and humorous way to share a serious message, don't you think? Recently I read some eye opening statistics that are relevant to the work of any organization. I learned that typically 5% of any group's membership is responsible for 100% of the "word of mouth" traction the organization receives, and 84% of the positive results the organization realizes result from the 5% of the members who are "talking the talk".
Fortunately, TACS has well over 10% of our members who are sharing messages of the valuable work and our positive results. Our association has three standing committees who are composed of one superintendent from each of our twenty regions. The committees are the Executive Committee, the Legislative Committee, and the Membership Committee. Attached you will find the servant leaders who are representing you on these committees. Additionally, our officers this year are Eddie Bland, Snyder ISD, president; Jason Marshall, Palestine ISD, president elect; Monty Hysinger, Dumas ISD, vice  president; and Bill Alcorn, Haskell ISD, past president. You may also notice that there are some regions with no one serving on a spot or two. We need Someone to fill those positions!

So, to those of you who are serving TACS leadership roles in your region, THANK YOU!  Your service is appreciated and valued.  If you are a superintendent in a region where help is needed, and you want to be involved, please respond to this message for more information. We covet your help!  Our committee assignments do not require a great deal of your time. Finally, if you are not a member of TACS but you want to belong to a group that is making a positive impact on public education policy and practice, please click this link for a membership application or just reply  to this message to request an invoice.  You are just the Someone for whom we have been looking!
The 86th Texas Legislative Session is almost upon us. This is not the time to look for Someone Else to carry your load! We must all be pulling in the same direction and doing our part if we are to have a session that produces positive results for public education!


I t' s tim e to VOT E!

I am confident that the surge at the polls is in great part enthusiastic educators anxious to make their voices heard in support of the kids, educators, and public education. If you haven't voted yet, please do it today! If you have voted, please get three friends, family members, and peers to vote. Please be role models for all first-time voters who may be nervous about when, where, and how<>  to vote.<> Tell them that voting is easy and fun. Using Teach the Vote <> and Vote411,<> it is simple to research<>  candidates,<> build your ballot,<> and VOTE<>! This is the time! The ballot box is the place! Exert your power  in this fabulous democracy we call home and stand up for 5.4 million Texas kids. It may be the most important thing you do all year. Thank you for your service and for voting!
To do:
1.      Research candidates,<> build your personal ballot,<> and VOTE<>!
2.      Vote early through Friday, November 2nd.
3.      If you need a reminder about why it is important to vote, click here.<>
4.      If you need information about when and where to vote, click here.<>
5.      If you miss early voting, vote on Tuesday, November 6th, Election Day!

Social Media Posts to share:

Research candidates, build your ballot, and VOTE<>! #txed #vote

Model civic engagement for future voters! Wear your "I voted" sticker proudly! #txed #vote  VOTE - for the kids, for the future of public education, and for a stronger democracy! #txed #vote

You are invited to a SMALL AND MID-SIZE COALITION MEETING to be held on Thursday, November 8, 2018, from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. at the Equity Center headquarters (Moody Bank Building Auditorium - 3rd floor) which is located at 400 W. 15th Street in Austin.
The meeting will be to discuss possible changes to the Small and Mid-Size School Adjustments that may be proposed by the Commission on School Finance. This meeting will help you understand what your district could face this upcoming session. Knowledge early will give each  person time to visit with his/her legislators to have a positive impact on decisions that may be  made.
Equity Center, TACS, TAMS, TARS, and TREA members are invited to attend.
For questions or to register, please contact Cali Heidmann at (512) 478-7313 X101 or<>.


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