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Goals & Values


Texas Capitol BuildingThe purpose of TACS is to promote the progress of public education in the State of Texas. In pursuit of this objective, TACS will do the following:

  1. Work for the improvement of instruction in the community schools of the state. TACS defines a “community school” as a school district with fewer than 12,000 students in average daily attendance or with only one high school. This value is exemplified by sponsoring the Academic Challenge each year where high school students compete for over $75,000 in scholarships.
  2. Provide means by which educators may seek self-improvement by participate in professional growth programs. This value is exemplified through TACS-sponsored conferences.
  3. Support legislation which will enhance the opportunities and abilities of community schools to provide quality education programs. This value is exemplified by advocating for community schools before legislative committees and by working with individual legislators.
  4. Cooperate with other organizations dedicated to such purposes. This value is exemplified by working with other educational organizations, and, at times, serving as a buffer to ensure a strong voice for education in the Capitol.