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August 30, 2018

Be A Texas Voter!

This week, please encourage your district to highlight the importance of citizenship and civics. Research conducted by the League of Women Voters of Texas found that registered voters, who learned why it is important to vote and how the process works, were 26% more likely to vote! Now is the time to make sure students and educators understand why voting is so important and that they are registered before the October 9th deadline. 

To do:
1. Review the Be A Texas Voter curriculum and discuss with your team how to incorporate it into your social studies curriculum. 
2. Make sure staff and students understand why every vote is important and how to vote.
3. Remind staff and eligible students to check their registration status

Social Media Posts to share:
Why register to #vote? Voting is our chance to stand up for our families, schools, and students. #txed 

Your #vote is your voice. Make sure you can exert your power on Election Day. Register now! #txed 

Elections are determined by who shows up. Texas kids are counting on you to be their voice at the polls. Make sure you are registered today! #txed #vote 

The deadline to register to #vote in the Nov. election is Oct. 9th. Do it today! Check your registration, update it, or apply for the first time
 here: #txed 

Texas Educators Vote


Laura Yeager
Texas Educators Vote

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