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Executive Committee

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Jason Marshall President photo

Jason Marshall,
Superintendent - Palenstine ISD

Monty Hysinger President-Elect photo

Monty Hysinger,
Superintendent - Dumas ISD

Bruce Gearing Vice President photo

Bruce Gearing,
Vice President
Superintendent - Dripping Springs ISD

Marco Antonio Lara Region 1 photo

Marco Antonio Lara,
Region 1
Superintendent - South TexasISD

Joseph Patek Region 2 photo

Joseph Patek,
Region 2
Superintendent - Aransas County ISD

Robert O'Connor Region 3 photo

Robert O'Connor,
Region 3
Superintendent - Edna ISD

Lloyd Graham Region 4 photo

Lloyd Graham,
Region 4
Superintendent - La Porte ISD

Stephen Patterson Region 5 photo

Stephen Patterson,
Region 5
Superintendent - Orangefield ISD

Terry Myers Region 6 photo

Terry Myers,
Region 6
Superintendent - Crockett ISD

James Oliver Region 7 photo

James Oliver,
Region 7
Superintendent - Martin's Mill ISD

Judd Marshall Region 8 photo

Judd Marshall,
Region 8
Superintendent - Mount Pleasant ISD

Kevin Dyes Region 9 photo

Kevin Dyes,
Region 9
Superintendent - Holliday ISD

Kevin Noack Region 10 photo

Kevin Noack,
Region 10
Superintendent - Palmer ISD

Jeremy Thompson Region 11 photo

Jeremy Thompson,
Region 11
Superintendent - EraISD

Joe Burns Region 12 photo

Joe Burns,
Region 12
Superintendent - Copperas Cove ISD

Tommy Hooker Region 13 photo

Tommy Hooker,
Region 13
Superintendent - Thrall ISD

 Bryan Allen Region 14 photo

Bryan Allen,
Region 14
Superintendent - Merkel ISD

Aaron Hood Region 15 photo

Aaron Hood,
Region 15
Superintendent - Robert Lee ISD

Kurt Ashmore Region 16 photo

Kurt Ashmore,
Region 16
Superintendent - Wellington ISD

Chris Wade Region 17 photo

Chris Wade,
Region 17
Superintendent - Ralls ISD

Debbie Engle Region 18 photo

Debbie Engle,
Region 18
Superintendent - Valentine ISD

Jeannie Meza-Chavez Region 19 photo

Jeannie Meza-Chavez,
Region 19
Superintendent - San Elizario ISD

Cody Newcomb Region 20 photo

Cody Newcomb,
Region 20
Superintendent - Center Point ISD

Paul Clore Legislative Co-Chair photo

Paul Clore,
Legislative Co-Chair
Superintendent - Gregory Portland ISD

Jodi Duron Legislative Co-Chair photo

Jodi Duron,
Legislative Co-Chair
Superintendent - Elgin ISD

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